The growth dimensions: Introduction

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

'And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men' Luke 2 vs. 52

Over 5 posts, I write about growth, why we all need to grow and what growth means in 4 key areas.

Growth refers to a process of increasing in size. Very often we focus on the latter end of the definition of growth (increasing in size), ignoring the process that creates that increase. Increasing in size is an end product of the process of growth.

For the rest of this series, growth is used in context of the process rather than the result (increase) which is a consequence of the growth process.

The growth process precedes the increase or the promotion you're looking for (academic, professional or even spiritual). Taking students for example, students, growing in knowledge (and being tested on that knowledge across subjects) is required for a promotion. At work, growing in influence and ability qualifies you for a promotion - even if we often assume that it's the promotion that brings influence.

In line with Luke 2:52, we will cover 4 growth areas:

  1. Mental growth

  2. Physical growth

  3. Spiritual growth

  4. Social growth

Mental growth is synonymous to growing in wisdom and knowledge, this is important to fulfill additional responsibilities that increase in size often brings. Read the full blog here

Physical growth is key too, because without a strong body, even the most powerful minds can become handicapped. Taking care of our bodies is part of our responsibility if we must fulfill God’s assignment. Read the full blog here

Spiritual growth is important because the deeper our relationship with God, the easier it is to understand our purpose and fulfill them. Read the full blog here

Social growth is simply gaining influence, being the light of the world or a guide to those that are lost. Read the full blog here

As we focus on growth in the next few readings, ask God to help you identify areas you need to grow. so that you can be launched into full increase.

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